Meet Our Artisans



At Mountain Maid one of our primary ministries is to the local artisans we have the opportunity to purchase items from.  Our desire is to intentionally encourage each one with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ while we are helping them to establish a sustainable income to support their families.  Also, as we are ministering to our local artisans we encourage each one to participate in their local church by giving sacrificially.  Because we desire for each person that purchases one of our products to understand  that these products are connected to real local families and real local churches we will be introducing you to many of our artisans right here.



She is currently involved in making handmade jewelry out of cereal boxes.

Q. Bernadette, please share with us about your family.

A. I have four kids. The oldest is 20, the second is 12, and my youngest are boy and girl twins, they are 3. My husband is a chauffeur when work is available.


Q. How do you become involved with Mountain Maid?

A. I attend Bel-Air church, which is not far from Baptist Haiti Mission. My pastor told the women in the church about an opportunity to help our families by making jewelry and I was very interested. I filled out an application and then began work in February.


Q. Do you enjoy taking part in the opportunity?

A. The jewelry project is not just something to do. When I finish cooking and cleaning at my house, I no longer sit and do nothing. I am now continuing to help my family through this work.


Q. What is your favorite piece of jewelry to make?

A. I enjoy making bracelets the best. I can do them the quickest. My twins’ always grab and pull at the necklaces when I make them and it makes it difficult to complete them until they go to sleep.


Q. What do you do with the money you make?

A. The money I make from jewelry helps me to buy food for my family. It also helps me purchase school supplies for my older children.


Q. Is there anything you would like to say to the people who purchase the jewelry you make?

A. MESI ANPIL! Thank you so much! Thank you for helping me and my family! God bless you!